miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

You Sound Like You're From London

 This past weekend it was off to see the Queen in London. The theme of the weekend was no sleep, let me give you the rundown:

-woke up at 3:00am for a 6:30 flight (2 hours of sleep that night)
-land around 9 (1 hour of sleep on the bus to London)
-4 or 5 hours of sleep due to creepy dude snoring in our hostel

-walked around all day
-(most sleep all weekend) 8 hours of sleep on my friends floor

-0 hours of sleep 8:00am flight on Sunday
-Stayed out all night at the casino

-at 5:00 am 45 mins of sleep on the bus to the airport
-"2 hours" of attempted sleep on the plane home
-Got home around 2
-Nap? absolutely not I had my soccer game at 3:30

Sunday night got a record 14 hours of sleep to make up for it all

 Anyways we did so much in London its literally impossible for me to write it all without publishing a book and I'm too lazy to I'll bullet the highlights
Buckingham Palace

-Buckingham Palace
-Kensington Garden
-Green Park
-Trafalgar Square
-Royal Guard house
-Westminster Abby
-Fish and Chips for dinner
-Big Ben
-The Eye of London (the big ferris wheel)

Wes and I in Trafalgar Square
-Change of the guard at Buckingham Palace
-Portobello Market
-Tower of London (place was wickedd cool)
-Big Ben
-Monument to the Great Fire of London
-Whole Foods for Dinner
-Went over to visit my friend at LSE (London School of Economics)
-Went out with him and his friends
Big Ben 

-British Museum (huge museum that displays all the stuff the British have stolen from every continent over time)
Tower of London
-Went to a pub to watch the Aston Villa v. Man U game
-Dinner with one of my friends London friends
-Went out for the night
-Casino at 2:00am
-Lost 50 pounds at Hold'em
-Won 210 pounds at Blackjack
-Bought Pizza Hut
-Checked out of hostel where we had a 45 year old creepy pedophile guy who moaned in his sleep and stared at us from the shadow of his bunk when we were sleeping

-Flight home
-Soccer game (we won 4-3 so we are now 3-1... no big deal)
-Slept for dayss

 Looking back on it we had wayyy to much time in London and it wasn't as fun/interesting as I would of thought it was a really cool city and awesome to see the all the old historical sights. Plus winning the 210 pounds wasn't to shabby either.
London Bridge...and it wasn't falling down
Fish and Chips Dinner

 So I'm off on my last trip of the semester to Rome, and then my family is coming to visit me on Sunday so theres a lot going on in the next week and I'm pumped to see my family finally. Can't believe theres only 3 weeks left, definitely going to make the most of them! Anyways hasta la proxima vez, nos vemos amigos!

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Should of known I'd get screwed by a cheap european airline

 Last weekend me and a couple friends were supposed to go up to Bilbao in the north of Spain for our long weekend. Why Bilbao?? It was stupidly cheap and we needed something to do since it was a long weekend. Anyways the day of our flight we go to check in and turns out they messed everything up. I never got a confirmation email and one of my friends somehow had my name on his ticket... oh and we had already booked a hostel for the weekend. So like normal people we both call Ryanair to complain about the issue and see how they are going to fix it so that we can get this resolved before we get to the airport. Yeah that didn't happen instead they told us that they have no ticket on file for me, even after I got the confirmation page after buying my ticket, and told my buddy he can pay 110 euro to change the name on the ticket. So since we paid 35 euro for the flight and paying 110 was not worth it at all we had to scrap the trip.
 Turned out to not be such a bad weekend in Madrid anyways. Our friend Josh's parents were in town for the weekend so Wednesday night they took Joe and me out to dinner with them and then for drinks after. His parents are hilarious, we were supposed to meet people at 11:30 but didn't end up saying good night to his parents until right before 1... and dinner was at 9. Wednesday was of course halloween too, it was interesting to see how different it is from back home in the states. Here it is not nearly as big a deal and the real holiday the celebrate is All Saints Day, but the celebrate halloween to and some people dress up but everyone tries to dress as something either really creepy or really scary.  For the most part the rest of the weekend was pretty chill, everyone else was away so we just hung out and hit up a lot of the local bars. Found this one great Irish bar near Banco de Espana called James Joyce that has live music which was pretty sick and cheap drinks so it was solid.
 Sunday was study day because this week was our last round of midterms. Brutal week I had 3 exams and 2 presentations (in Spanish) all packed together Mon-Wed. And so now that its over I'm off to London in 7 hours, and since I have to get up to go to the airport in 4 hours I'm going to leave it at that but I'll bring back stories and pictures from London at the end of this weekend. Hasta luego!